The Amen Clinic For Chronic Disease Reversal

Healing and Health in Harmony with Nature!

About Us

The Amen Clinic For Chronic Disease Reversal, a 501d Non-Profit Organization, provides a comprehensive program with a American Aborigine grassroots approach that teaches the basic natural elements for reestablishing the condition for living and healing naturally, while restoring homeostasis (balance), therefore health. This approach, which utilizes the Aboriginal Medicine Wheel, also provides the individual with the needed mental and spiritual/behavioral mindset essential to nourishing and living a healthful life.

The above assertion is the foundation upon which The Amen Clinic has forged its lifestyle enhancement format; which enlightens the individual to what actions are needed for their overall healing to take place, i.e. enhanced emotional/behavioral perspective, vital body physics and an enlightened self awareness.

Based on the need of each individual, the focus is on rebuilding a new outlook by removing causal factors, changing beliefs, thought processes and implementation of other elements of lifestyle enhancement, thereby leading the individual toward a more natural healing experience.


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