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Natural Hygienic Healing Cases

  1. A morbidly obese 335 lb. and hypertensive male lost over 100 lbs. and reduced his pressure in less than a year. 6/2010 
  2. Depression once owned and controlled by medication is now a distant memory for a retired city worker. 12/2010
  3. A 6 month old male boy diagnosed with SMA (Systemic Muscular Atrophy), expected not to see his 1st birthday, experienced healing and returned home in less than six months. It took that long because that is how long the parents took to manage his care. 2/2011
  4. A woman with Type 2 Diabetes and Hypertension was taken off medication by her doctor in less than a year. 8/2009 & 7/2012 respectively
  5. A young male suffering with hives while pledging for his fraternity became symptomless after changing his lifestyle. 4/2008 
  6. A mid-aged male walking with a cane for 3 years after a severe car accident, has partially put it down as his equilibrium was returning in just two months of Natural Hygienic living. 11/2009 
  7. Our services were requested on a Sunday by the family of a 75 year old woman in the ICU unit of her hospital suffering with dementia, dark brown urine, constipation, dehydration, lack of appetite, edema in legs, and severe pain. That following Thursday she was discharged home with manageable symptoms. 11/2009
  8. A middle age male suffering 20 years with severe knee pain is again playing basketball after removing the cause and eliminating the toxic buildup. 1/2010
  9. A young female symptomatic with bloating for two years and having to take probiotics, relieved in days after changing her cycle of living and adjusting her food intake. 1/2010