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Diet For Living

What is your diet regimen

A diet is nothing more than a regimen of daily consumption, it does not determine whether the items of food you eat are good for you.

The body determines whether a food is a good material for you (it digests and assimilates what it needs by putting the food elements where they belong) or not (tries to immediately evacuate/remove or isolate the substances that do not belong in the body through the eliminative process).

That which we call disease or symptoms is nothing more than the natural biological/physiological reaction or right action of the body to remove ingested/pent up matter and other waste/toxic substances which do not belong.

The assumption is that we can eat what ever we want as long as it taste good, but we must be mindful of the body's reaction or right action to eliminate what does not belong, sometimes violently; and remember removing the cause immediately dampens the resultant symptom or disease that would be manifested during elimination.