The Amen Clinic For Chronic Disease Reversal

Healing and Health in Harmony with Nature!

Natural Hygienist

Dr. Ra Maa Nu Amen Bey, NH is not a medical physician nor does he portray himself as being one. His diligence, research, and dedication to the physical, mental and spiritual/behavioral well-being of his fellowman/fellow-woman and to the discipline of Natural Hygiene has gained him the respect and recognition of those served.

He studied body chemistry, physiology, living nutrition, life cosmology/cosmogony, speech communication and natural healing at three natural health-oriented and spiritual organizations. He is a Doctor of Orthopathy (Natural Hygiene), an Aboriginal Native American Minister, Speaker and Author- "Introduction to Natural Hygiene".

Based on data, a specific regimen is designed for you by Dr. Amen Bey with the purpose of removing the causal factors of your condition and restoring proper nutritional balance all of which increases your energy level.

Thank you and enjoy!