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My doctor took me off of my Diabetes meds after 60 years as a Type 2 Diabetic, within 3 months of becoming a vegan eating salads, soups, vegetables and fruits; and I lost weight as well.

GRR, New York City
June 26, 2010

Hetep (Peace),

Peace Ra Maa Nu Amen Bey, DNH, Natural Hygienist,  I am giving many thanks and prosperity for the valuable assistance rendered to my person. My name is Tchet Ab Utcha Ra El and in 2007 on my way to work through Brooklyn, New York my van stalled on the highway. While calling for a tow truck, my van was severely struck in the rear by a large delivery truck. My person sustained severe back and neck injuries which caused me to walk with a cane for about 3 years until following your counseling as outlined by The Amen Clinic For Chronic Disease Reversal.

Once my person used the living food protocol, my dizziness and disequilibrium with my balance while walking improved in two months to the point of being able to put my cane down, WOW! It is amazing how your diet, once properly structured and placed in harmony with the cycle of the body while incorporating other natural elements can be the primary difference between severe back pain and restriction with an enabling device versus restoring a qualitative measure of one's life to continue to move forward in the world.

Many Thanks to The Amen Clinic and Brother Ra Maa Nu Amen Bey,

TAURE, New York City


June 13, 2010

I want to thank you for the time you've spent with me over the years educating me about health and the will to live. As a result of your research and personal experiences in this field, you have literally saved my life. I fought you for years relative to committing to this lifestyle change but now I embellish and live it.

On October 4, 2009, I weighed 335 lbs. and that same day joined the YMCA; since then I lost over 113 lbs. I changed my eating habits with other lifestyle changes and have followed the program you developed for me including not eating after 8pm, as the assimilation period is taking place. I eat my first meal about noon, when the elimination period has declined. That has worked for me tremendously. It just makes sense not to put undo pressure on your system as it is eliminating toxins/waste from my body; so to put food in at this time is just not logical. Yes my mission to work out 5 to 7 days a week, was big for me but the aforementioned was paramount to my success. Your book 'Introduction to Natural Hygiene', also allowed me to be educated about this complex yet simple system we call the human body.

I now weight 222 lbs. and my one year anniversary is about 3 months away at which point I'll be at about 190 or 195 lbs, but I plan to shatter that personal goal to a possible 185lbs., my H.S weight. In the late 90's I lost a remarkable 128 lbs, under your supervision in 6 months as you well know but I let life get in the way. Now, I'm so in control of life's distractions. Thus, stress does not permeate this soul. Being less toxic, also has allowed me to discontinue taking blood pressure and cholesterol medication. My doctor was flawed but had to succumb to agreeing to take me off these med's. I do however take my blood pressure 4 times daily and each time since, I've been in normal range. Now I have blood pressure of a teenage...usually around 125/80 or 120/75. In the past I was hovering around, 140/90 or 135/89 and sometimes a lot higher. I now wear size 38 pants down from size 52, I use to wear 4x to 5x shirts. I now wear a large to XL, depending on the cut. The L's look sexy on me lol, GQ style. My confidence level and energy level is high. My past depression is actually a faint memory. " I see the light and have evaded darkness". I'm a better person, husband, father, probation officer (30 yrs. with juvenile delinquents in the court system) and most of all I'm smiling a lot more. My demeanor is balanced but still working on that daily...In addition, I'm personally reaching so many people in changing their lives around.

So, in essence, Sir I thank you and I know that you are a Saint sent from God. This is now a lifestyle change, so incorporating the Elements of Nature such as diet, exercise i.e. swimming, aqua classes, aqua stretching, tread machine, sauna and weight lifting, rest, sleeping, etc. will continue. I now work out only 5 days a week. The other two days is time to self, "smelling the flowers and getting to know me even further, with less toxicity in my system, I now can.

Respectively Submitted,
Tony Brown.....P.S I have an interview @ the YMCA, they are doing a story on me. I sent you some of the professional shots they took about a month ago. Also, I have a video interview this Tues. @ 4:30pm. The interview will be put on You Tube, so you know I will let the world know about you and your continued journey to heal the always taught me "Sick Isn't Sick". I finally got it now.

Tony Brown, New York City


February 1, 2010

Greetings Ra Maa Nu Amen Bey,
When we met in Late Nov. 2009, You gave me your book, entitled "Introduction To Natural Hygiene- NETER RA", when you heard me say I had cancer. I didn't start the living food lifestyle until Jan. 1, 2010. After following your instructions to the letter, after the 21 day detox was over, and starting out at a weight of around 256 lbs., I dropped down to 220 lbs. Today I am 215 lbs. My goal is 190 lbs, which I have no doubt about reaching.
The biggest benefit for me was getting rid of the inflammation which caused me chronic pain for over 20 years. I feel obligated to inform the world of what you can do without drugs or other treatments, and feel 100%.
We are what we eat! The things I consumed created the condition for me to have all the problems I had, so now I consume the foods that are anti-cancer producing, so reversing the problem is as easy as eating the proper foods, exercising, maintaining a positive mental attitude, etc., and help every person I can.
Ra, man you saved my life, thank you and may God continue to bless you. I must admit, when I told you about the leg and knee chronic pain I had for 20 years, you cut me off and said, "...don't worry about that, it will disappear." You were right...thanks again!

Ronald Hemphill, Marietta, Ga