The Amen Clinic For Chronic Disease Reversal

Healing and Health in Harmony with Nature!


In summary we help people minimize their struggle with disease such as, diabetes, negative emotional behavior, high blood pressure, dementia, disequilibrium, IBS, spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), depression, lupus, eczema, an overweight condition, arthritis,  erectile dysfunction, diminished sense of worth, hives, Lyme Disease, fibroids, bloating, acne, high cholesterol, etc. Everything considered, The Amen Clinic for Chronic Disease Reversal counsels/educates all on how to remove the causal factors producing mucous and other conditions and not merely treating or conquering diseases by suppressing, managing, controlling, maintaining, curing, or palliating the symptoms.  

The overwhelming experience gained through The Amen Clinic teaches that willingness and readiness for change is your prerequisite prescription for succeeding  in the healing (balance) process.

How much value you place in Natural Hygiene (Neter Ra) improves your desired outcome.

Your will to succeed must be supported by your positive view of success.

The subsequent healing is fortified by your commitment to the needed change at hand.

Change in pathology and understanding will be created when you seek to remove all causal influence.

Your transformation through the experience of disease should be of primal import, not just it's removal.


Contact us at 718.219.0166, 786.401.8675 or info@theAmenClinic.Org, we are honored to help.

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Friday, November 24, 2017